USA Stamp Price Increase July 2024: What is the Possible Increase and Know about New Prices

Both consumers and companies frequently face the difficulty of adjusting to shifts in postage prices in the ever-changing postal services market. As July 2024 is here, a noticeable rise in mail expenses has materialized. The United States Postal Service recently made news when it submitted a notice to the PRC outlining planned price adjustments that will go into effect on July 14, 2024.

Updated postal service pricing as per USA Stamp Price Increase July 2024 include a dramatic 5-cent rise in the price of a First-Class Mail Forever stamp, which now costs 73 cents instead of 68 cents. I want to make sure you are ready since the USPS will be changing its shipping prices in July. It’s crucial to understand the specifics and how to get the best deals because these changes will have an impact on the price of mailing letters and parcels. Two different rate hikes are scheduled for July 1st and 14th.

USA Stamp Price Increase July 2024

In July 2024, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will undergo several major changes with the goal of improving services and streamlining operations. The PRC may yet approve, modify, or reject these amendments, as they have merely been suggested. The price of postal stamps may increase by around 7.8% in accordance with the recently proposed USPS proposal. Since 2000, this would be the 19th change to the stamp rate. In the past two years, this is also the 6th suggested rise rate. The rate increased last, in January 2024. A quick explanation of the USPS Pricing Changes for July 2024 will be given in this article.

Postage Rate Increase 2024

United States Postal Service (USPS) has raised postage costs by a modest but significant amount as of the start of the new year. The US Postal Service will raise the price of “Forever” stamps on letters weighing one ounce or less from 66 cents to 68 cents starting on January 21, 2024. The effects of these developments are felt by everyone, whether they run a huge organization, a small business, or are an individual handling personal correspondence. For companies looking to save expenses and simplify processes, the increase in mailing prices presents an additional level of concern.

USA Stamp Price Increase July 2024: What is the Possible Increase and Know about New Prices

When do postage rates increase?

Before the price hike goes into effect, businesses and people who will be significantly impacted by it might begin stockpiling stamps now, but this probably won’t be the last time. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been increasing mailing charges twice a year, according to statistics. In 2024, they are expected to go through the same ordeal. Forever stamps are not the only USPS services impacted by this price rise. The price of domestic postcards will rise to 53 cents, while the price of foreign letters would increase by 5 cents.  

USPS Pricing Changes for July 2024

United States Postal Service has proposed a list of rate hikes covering several of its services:

  • How Promotional Discounts Are Used: At the moment, incentive discounts are removed by the USPS when promotional discounts are removed from primary postage. Promotional discounts will be taken over incentive discounts, which will no longer be applied to primary postage.
  • The full-service discount was raised from $.003 to $.005 per piece for First Class and Marketing Mail items. Pieces barcoded with Full-Service Automation are eligible for this discount. smooth reductions per piece from $.001 to $.002.
  • At the moment, the cost of First Class Flats is determined by the ounce, with an extra basic charge for every ounce.  The costs in relation to ounces may change in the future.
  • Some components of the marketing mail were considered to be either overpriced or underwhelming.
  1. The change in Marketing Mail Flats is 11.708%.
  2. Routes for Carriers will increase by 9.918%
  3. Flats for nonprofits will increase by 16.2%.
  4. NPCR will get a 20.1% increase.
  5. The High Density and High Density Plus Nonprofit Carrier Route will see a 17.3% increase.
  • The current structure of marketing mail flat rates is to pay a per piece fee for items above 4 ounces and a per pound rate for heavier items.  This arrangement will be changed to pay a per-pound charge for the entire weight, which includes the first four ounces.
  • Catalog Incentive: When mailers send their mailings to the United States Postal Service (USPS) through the postal statements, they will get a $.001 per piece incentive if they declare their mail pieces are catalogs.

USPS Rate Change Effective July 14th, 2024

On July 14th, 2024, the USPS will begin implementing price modifications, as announced in a notice filed with the Postal Regulatory Commission. Due to these changes, the cost of postal products will increase by around 7.8%. First-Class Mail Forever stamps will get an increase of 5 cents. The following important Services & Extra Services, which will go up on July 14th, are detailed:

First-Class Mail
ProductCurrentJuly 2024Change
1oz. Letter$0.68$0.73+$0.05
1 oz. Letter (metered)$0.64$0.69+$0.05
1 oz. Flats$1.39$1.50+$0.11
Additional Oz. Letters$0.24$0.28+$0.03
Additional Oz. Flats$0.24$0.27 – $0.30+$0.03 – $0.06
Certified Mail
Extra ServicesCurrent PriceJuly 2024Change
Certified Mail$4.40$4.85+$0.45
Return Receipt Retail$3.65$4.10+$0.45
Return Receipt Electronic$2.32$2.62+$0.30
Marketing Mail
Commercial AutomationCurrent PriceJuly 2024Change
Mixed AADC$0.385$0.402+$0.017

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