Social Security Card Replacement: Know How long does it take to get Your Social Security Card Replaced

You may get a new or replaced Social Security card online or in person, and the process is not that confusing. The Social Security card can be replaced up to three times, but if it’s necessary for basic services like housing, the restriction can be lifted.

You can get a new card in three different ways: online via the Social Security website, via mail, or in person at the local Social Security office. Even though Social Security Card Replacement 2024 Online Replacements are the simplest, there are some circumstances that necessitate applying in person or by mail, such as when you need your card’s name altered.

Social Security Card Replacement

  • You can apply for a replaced Social Security card if it is lost or stolen, provided you take prompt action to reduce the issues. Additionally, you may do it swiftly and without any cost at all. Just keep in mind that each person is allowed three card changes year, for a total of 10 changes over their lifetime. You may Social Security Card 2024 Apply Online and get information about the supporting papers required as well as the application form. It takes few minutes to fill the form, still a few websites maintain that the procedure is difficult and time-consuming while proposing to complete it for you at a cost.
  • Replacing to a new Social Security card after running out of your old one while looking for it might be annoying. It can be rather simple to obtain a replacement card, though. To receive a new one from the agency, however, you must present the appropriate paperwork. Further paperwork will be required if you’re attempting to obtain a replacement Social Security card for your elderly parents or spouse. Along with documentation of your link to the person who needs the replacement card, you will need to present your own identity verification. If you are attempting to replace your spouse’s Social Security card, for instance, you may submit your marriage license and U.S. driver’s license. Keep in mind that some aspects of your life may affect the actions you take to obtain a new Social Security card.

How long does it take to get a replaced Social Security card?

  • According to the SSA, it will take about 10 to 14 days to process your application and issue your replacement card once you have submitted all required paperwork. As to the Social Security Administration, an individual is eligible to receive three replacement cards year and a maximum of ten replacement cards throughout their lifetime. Before asking for a replacement card, you might wish to take into account your unique circumstances and the purposes for which you would want the card if you are worried about the limit. The reason for this is that, according to the SSA, in many situations, just having your Social Security number may be adequate.
  • To assist ensure that it doesn’t become misplaced, it’s a good idea to store your Social Security card in a secure location. In addition to requesting for a new card, you might want to take precautions to help safeguard your identity or find out what to do if your identity is taken as a result if your card is lost or stolen. Additionally, be aware that the government may issue you a new SSN based on your circumstances, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
Social Security Card Replacement: Know How long does it take to get Your Social Security Card Replaced

Submitting Your Application for a Replacement Card

You may apply online for a replacement Social Security card with only a single button click. If you need to change your Social Security card, though, the application process is more difficult. The documents certifying to your identity, age, and U.S. citizenship must be sent in original or certified copy together with your completed Form SS-5. There is another option, and it is that Form SS-5 may also be filled out and sent in person or by mail.

Apply SSC via Online

Applying online with your my Social Security account is usually the fastest option to get a replacement card. However, you are limited to using the online application if you do not need to make any modifications, such changing your name. In addition, you must be an adult resident of a state that accepts state-issued identification papers for Social Security Administration and possess a driver’s license or non-driver ID card.

Apply SSC via mail

Any Social Security office can receive your Form SS-5 by mail along with the other necessary documents. To get approved as quickly as possible, submit your documentation to a nearby Social Security office. An online tool may be used to locate the SSA office that is nearest to you, share your zip code. Following transmission, the SSA does not keep your documents forever. Any important documents you send to the Social Security Administration will be returned once your information has been verified and approved.

Applying SSC in Person

You may always submit your request for a replacement card in person if you’d rather not have to wait around for postal delivery or run the risk of losing vital documents in the mail. Any Social Security office in your area accepts Form SS-5 and the necessary paperwork.

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