Capital One Bank Lawsuit 2024: Know Eligibility, Amount & When is Settlement Money Coming

Numbers of Capital One Bank customers have filed a class action lawsuit against the Capital One Bank. This class suit is filed with the allegation that the bank has charged customers unlawfully. It includes the presentment fees include unrefunded non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees. Many people are charged for the NSF fees over a time in years.

Therefore, customers have filed a Class Action Lawsuit against Central One Bank. However, the bank has taken the initiative to settle this lawsuit by providing some compensation amount of $16 million to the eligible people. Capital One Bank Lawsuit 2024 has reduced the bank’s reputation negatively affected its business and can create challenges to regain the trust of millions of customers. People are looking to collect more information that can help to receive the settlement amount. 

Capital One Bank Lawsuit 2024

Due to charging for the re-presentment fees, Capital One Bank Lawsuit is filed by their numerous customers. During the hearing, Capital One Bank decided to provide some settlement assistance to their eligible service user to fulfil the eligibility criteria. Therefore, people are looking to gather more information related to eligibility criteria to ensure they are receiving this settlement amount.

Moreover, people are also looking for the total amount they will receive in their bank account as the Capital One Bank Lawsuit 2024. People can get information related to the $16 million Capital One Bank Settlement Payment 2024.

Capital One Bank Lawsuit Settlement 2024- Overview

Article OnCapital One Bank Lawsuit 2024
Department Capital One Bank
BeneficiaryCustomer of Capital One Bank
Settlement Amount $16 million
Amount per ClaimantTo be announced Soon

Eligibility for Capital One Bank Settlement Amount

Every customer of Capital One Bank is not able to receive this settlement amount. However, some eligible customers can qualify to receive this Capital One Bank Settlement Amount 2024. You should also check your eligibility to receive this settlement payment that is provided following. 

  • You must be the account holder of Capital One Bank between September 2015 and January 12, 2022.
  • You have been charged for the ACH transaction or representing fees. 
  • Your failed transaction must have cleared later after sufficient funds. 
  • You must have raised your claim before the due date for a claim for the Capital One Bank Settlement Payment.
Capital One Bank Lawsuit 2024: Know Eligibility, Amount & When is Settlement Money Coming

Capital One Bank Settlement Amount 2024

After the announcement of the settlement amount, people are highly excited to know about the payment check and information relevant to the Capital One Bank Settlement Check. People are also excited to know about the total amount they can expect from the $16 million settlement amount.

People should know that $16 million is the decided amount for a total number of claimants. Therefore, the total distribution amount per individual can depend on the total number of claimants who have claimed the due date. People need to wait for the final judgment on the Capital One Bank Class Suit 2024 to know the correct information related to the payment amount they will receive. 

Capital One Bank Settlement Payment Dates 2024

People are highly excited after the announcement of Capital One Bank Settlement Check of $16 for claimants. This information has provided some relief to claimants and they are now looking for the settlement payment dates. The final approval hearing is remaining and will be held on July 15, 2024.

Therefore, people need to wait for a few days for the confirmation of the Capital One Bank Settlement Amount. It can also disclose the settlement’s final date. It is estimated that eligible claimants will receive the payment after 60 days of the final approval by the judge. You should also know that the payment date is subject to change and may be extended if any complaints are made. 

Capital One Bank Settlement Claim filing process

People need to fill out an application form to claim the Capital One Bank Lawsuit 2024. It is the process of receiving the decided Capital One Bank Settlement Payment in the bank account. To receive the settlement check, people need to claim following a simple process. 

  • People can file the claim through online submission using the official settlement website.
  • People need to attach the necessary documents as proof to pass the review test for the correct claimants for the Capital One Bank Lawsuit Settlement Check 2024.
  • A relevant authorized person will review and verify the submitted application and documents to ensure that you are a valid claimant. 

Capital One Bank Settlement Distribution 2024

Claimants are expecting $16 will be distributed among them. Claimants will not receive the final payment of $16 million of settlement funds. They will receive a total amount from the Net Settlement Fund after various deductions. 

Therefore, claimants need to have a clear understanding of the total available settlement funds for claimants. Distribution of settlement funds will be after some specific deductions that may include attorney fees and costs, service awards, litigation costs, and administration costs. These reductions can be understood in detail. 

  • Attorney’s fees including costs- As per the notice, class counsel will receive some settlement funds as the fees and costs which come to around $5,401,090.84 after the approval of the settlement. However, the court has already approved the expenses due to the risks involved, work quality, prosecution costs, spend time including the outcome of the preliminary approval. 
  • Service award- Any class representative who fails the lawsuit will receive the $5000 as the service award. 
  • Litigating costs- Following the notice, estimated litigation costs are around $290,000. 
  • Administration costs- Capital One Class Action Settlement Administering costs will also deducted. 

After all the deductions, the calculation estimated that $10 million will be remaining from the total of $16 million of the Capital One Bank Settlement Fund 2024. These remaining funds will be distributed among claimants after the final hearing and approval made by the judge.

Another Capital One Bank Class Action Lawsuit 

Capital One Bank got another class action lawsuit for the failure to cybersecurity customer data where some hackers have made the theft the customer’s data who had applied for the credit card. 

Capital One Bank failed to provide sufficient cybersecurity and failed to implement protocols that resulted in the theft of customer’s personal information. This Capital One Bank Lawsuit argues that the company has not provided sufficient safeguards to customer data which violates the duty of care principle. 

Another allegation was filed that the company had delayed action to the customer’s data breach. They even do not provide promote information to customer regarding the breach which can be used to protect and take action to protect their data. 

This Capital One Bank Class Action Lawsuit includes a settlement amount of $190 million that will distribute among the customers. 

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