TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement: Know About Eligibility, Amount & Payment Date

As we know that, TikTok is a popular social networking app in USA, especially among teenagers. Users of this video-sharing app may make and share short music-paired videos, showcasing everything from comedic skits to dance trends. But with regards to its data gathering methods and privacy safeguards, TikTok’s phenomenal rise has sparked concerns.

TikTok  Class action lawsuits alleging breaches such as monitoring whereabouts, inappropriately exchanging information with other parties, and mining user data without authorization were filed against TikTok in 2020. TikTok settled these accusations instead of pursuing a drawn-out legal battle, despite the company’s denials of any misconduct. So if you fulfill the TikTok Class Action Eligibility, then you will get the money.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

In February 2021, TikTok decided to pay $92 million as part of a settlement that involved 89 million American TikTok users. Further restrictions on TikTok’s future data usage and storage policies will also be imposed under the agreement. Despite lack of evidence, the claims highlight the public’s rising mistrust of the privacy policies of internet corporations.

A $92 million settlement from a class-action lawsuit may be divided among users of the well-known video-sharing app TikTok. A settlement that is still pending from a case that was brought in the Northern District of Illinois U.S. District Court may have an impact on as many as 89 million individuals. TikTok, the parent business of Byte, is accused in the case of inappropriately collecting and using claimant’s data, a charge the firm disputes.

What is the TikTok class-action settlement?

TikTok users received notification on November 15th that they may receive a settlement money, but in order to receive it, they would need to make a class-action lawsuit. This follows the discovery of personal information misuse by the firm.

Many TikTokers had rushed to social media after receiving this odd message, which has caught some off guard. While some think it’s great that the firm is being held accountable, others think the settlement amount is absurd.

TikTok Class Action Lawsuit Settlement: Know About Eligibility, Amount & Payment Date

TikTok Class Action Eligibility

In November 2019, the Northern District of California received the first case in the class action. Later lawsuits in the class action were brought in Illinois and various Californian districts, among other jurisdictions.

Ten causes of action are outlined in the complaint, including claims of breaking the Biometric Information Privacy Act of Illinois as well as many other laws, such as the Video Privacy Protection Act, the California Comprehensive Data Access and Fraud Act, and the United States Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

  • A resident of the United States who downloaded the Musical.ly or TikTok apps prior to October 1st is eligible.
  • According to court filings, you must have been using the app by September 30 and file a claim form by March 1, 2022, to be eligible to get the money.
  • Parents might file claims on their underage children’s behalf if they were the user.

TikTok Settlement Amount and Deadline

TikTok Class Action Settlement Amount 2024 will depend on the number of claims. As per news, if every qualified individual files a claim, the most will get around 96 cents, most of individuals may earn $63.89 if 1.5% of TikTok users file a claim, while Illinois residents might receive $383.33 because of a statute that permits higher settlements there.

Illinois residents might get $28.75 while non-residents could receive $4.70 if 20% of eligible individuals submit claims. If you are eligible for the payment, you had to fill out a Claim Form and send it in, or you may get one by contacting 1-866-377-2247. The deadline for returning forms was March 1, 2022; online claim forms should have filed by March 1, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET (10:59 p.m. CT).

How to claim?

Those who have received a personal notification via email together with a notification ID and confirmation code are eligible for the first one. If someone had received the email, they should have submitted the form.

By using this URL www.tiktokdataprivacysettlement.com/submit-claim.php, a user now cannot file a claim even if they did not receive the email message.

Settlement Agreement

TikTok agreed to resolve the lawsuits by paying $92 million in total. As stated in the settlement agreement, “a recovery of this magnitude ranks among the nation’s highest privacy-related settlements.” Every Illinois Subclass claimant would earn $5.75 and every Nationwide Class claimant would receive $0.96 if every possible class member filed a successful claim. Because some potential claimants may choose not to submit a claim, the real amount claimants may get may be more. Yet, 22% of prospective plaintiffs submitted a claim for Facebook’s BIPA payment, which is a “usually high” percentage. Members of the Nationwide Class would get $29.10 and Illinois Subclass members would receive $174.57 if 22% of all potential claimants filed a claim.

In response to the lawsuits concerns, TikTok consented to new guidelines for collecting and utilizing user data. First, TikTok has to fully remove certain outdated user data. Data including as whereabouts, messages, videos, and so on are now subject to stringent time limitations set by the firm. TikTok needs to obtain explicit consent from users before sharing any data with outside parties, such as marketers. As part of the agreement, TikTok will also have to provide yearly training to all of its staff on privacy protection and legal compliance. The motive of the new limitations is to stop the data activities that people are concerned about.

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