Extra SNAP Benefits 2024: Know About Extra Food Stamps You’ll Receive this Summer

For children’s in USA who depend on school meals, hunger is become a major problem in summer. Millions of families will receive financial aid for food under the new SUN Bucks program, which aims to address this problem. Launched by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in May, SUN Bucks is one of the “SUN Programs” of the Biden administration that was unveiled this summer. With these programs, qualifying families will get additional food assistance throughout the summer. 

You must fill out a paper SUN Bucks application if your child is not automatically eligible. Households can determine whether their child qualifies and whether they need to submit an application by using the SUN Extra SNAP Benefits 2024 Eligibility Requirements. If a household believes their child qualifies but is not instantly accepted, they can fill out a paper application.

Extra SNAP Benefits 2024

Children who qualify will receive a total of $120 in food benefits each summer through Summer EBT, often known as SUN Bucks. When schools are not in session and cannot get free or reduced-price meals, the program’s goal is to lessen childhood hunger. There are some differences between it and the former Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) program, which was terminated in 2023. 

During the school year, children who qualify for free or reduced-price meals get vital nourishment that is a prerequisite for learning and healthy child development. When school is not in session, these same children and their families could experience stress due to increased food expenses during the summer. Beginning this summer, SUN Bucks will give families $40 for each qualifying child each summer month, up to a maximum of $120. This new initiative, which is funded by federal dollars, will benefit millions of Americans.

Who is eligible for SUN Bucks?

While some parents may need to apply, most of qualifying families will automatically get SUN Bucks. The following children will be signed up for the program automatically and are qualified to earn SUN Bucks summer incentives. You are not required to apply.

  • Children whose families were enrolled in the 2023–24 school year and received support from the Kinship Care Subsidy Program (KCSP), Family Independence Temporary Assistance (FITAP), or SNAP.
  • Children on Medicaid.
  • Children who qualified for the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and were given individual approval to enjoy free or reduced-price school lunches.

Some children could be qualified for SUN Bucks, but you have to apply to find out:

  • Children that are homeless.
  • Children of migrants.
  • Children who get free or reduced lunches but did not fill out an application.
  • Your family’s income may qualify your child for SUN Bucks even if they don’t fit into any of the categories listed.
Extra SNAP Benefits 2024: Know About Extra Food Stamps You'll Receive this Summer

Who is required to submit an application?

A particular set of qualities must be present in order for children to be eligible for the Sun Bucks program, which will provide $120 to each qualifying children. Children who meet the eligibility requirements must be of school age, and their residence must already be covered by the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Food Distribution Program and SNAP benefits program. The children must also attend a school that is a member of NSLP/SBP Programs.

So, for the household to be eligible for free or reduced-price school meals, the income criteria must be met. Most children won’t need to apply because they will be approved immediately for Summer EBT. Once the state has determined their eligibility, benefits will be sent to them. Children that fall under this automatic group are either:

  • Are enrolled in school and receiving assistance from SNAP, TANF, or FDPIR (or Medicaid in some situations)
  • Participate in the NSLP/SBP at a school where you have been granted eligibility for free or reduced-price meals.
  • Homeless, in Head Start, in foster care, or a member of an immigrant family

SUN BUCK Payment Amount 2024

For the summer, families will get $120 total ($40 each month) for each qualified child.

  • One child- $120
  • Two children: $240
  • $360 for three children
  • $3+ children: $120 for every extra child

Similar to how SNAP benefits are utilized, these benefits may be used at grocery shops and other retailers that accept EBT.

How to activate S-EBT/SUN Bucks card?

Sun/S-EBT Bucks money may be spent in grocery shops, numerous farmers markets, and smaller corner stores that accept SNAP benefits. Funds will be added to your existing Ohio Direction Card if you are currently receiving SNAP benefits; no further action is required. There will be instructions on any new cards you get.

Make a call using the number located on the card’s back. When prompted to provide the “last 4 digits of the child’s Social Security Number,” enter the child’s BIRTH YEAR. After that, choose a 4-digit PIN. When making a food purchase with your card, you will need to input your 4-digit PIN.

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  1. The benefits for the summer have been delayed until August, here in Philadelphia, PA. How does this help children in need. The summer will be over & school will start before any child reaps these benefits. Deplorable


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