About Us

Fort Hunt Herald is an online media agency that was established by Niamh Prescott, the Editor-in-Chief, along with a team of 15 members. The aim of this online portal is to provide accurate and reliable news information.

Our content production process involves 5 layers: Research Analyst, Intern, Writer, Senior Analyst (Fact Check), and Editor-in-Chief.

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We have 10 full-time employees and 5 college interns, consisting of 2 Research Analysts, 5 Interns, 4 Writers, 2 Senior Analysts (Fact Check), and 1 Editor-in-Chief.

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About Prescott Niamh 

Niamh Prescott has a degree in Mass Communication and an MBA in Finance. She has worked for two media houses and is now running her own media company.

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