Hurricane Beryl Strengthens En Route to US: Alarm Sounded by Meteorologists

As Hurricane Beryl gets closer to the US, meteorologists are raising worries about its predicted path. Beryl intensified into a hurricane on Saturday, June’s farthest eastern major storm in Atlantic history. As soon as the storm’s wind speed surpassed 130 miles per hour, it quickly strengthened into a Category 4 hurricane. The Associated Press claims that it has killed at least nine people. It may gain up even more intensity when it approaches the Gulf of Mexico, according to the National Weather Service. 

At almost 10 in the morning local time, Beryl was 15 miles northwest of Tulum, a popular tourist destination. Brownsville, Texas, was around 680 miles away. The storm’s maximum sustained winds hit 85 mph as it approached onshore. The storm can strengthen when it enters the Gulf of Mexico and moves toward NM and the southernmost point of Texas. 

Hurricane Beryl Strengthens En Route to US

As it approached southern Texas on Friday, Hurricane Beryl fell to a Category 1 hurricane. The National Hurricane Center reports that Brownsville, Texas is approximately 680 miles away from the storm, which has maximum sustained winds of 85 mph at this time. Meteorologists say the fatal storm is still causing damage and is still generating “dangerous” gusts, a strong storm surge, and dangerous waves. It is anticipated that Beryl will weaken more as it passes across Texas late on Sunday.

The meteorologists think that Beryl may track parallel to the coast before making its third landfall, while it is still uncertain how far north it may turn. According to the Corpus Christi office of the National Weather Service, on Wednesday, Beryl is expected to make landfall early next week as a Category 1 hurricane

Tulum’s Experience

It was 10 a.m. and Beryl was near Tulum, a well-known tourist destination. The town saw intense wind and rain as the hurricane moved inland. Residents and tourists in Tulum were still in danger even though the hurricane was fading. There were alerts from the National Hurricane Center for potential flash floods and property damage.

Hurricane Beryl Strengthens En Route to US: Alarm Sounded by Meteorologists

Preparations for Houston and the Gulf Coast, Gulf Of Mexico

Southern Texas, and especially Houston, are growing more and more concerned as Beryl is predicted to enter the Gulf of Mexico. The NWS continues to monitor the Hurricane Beryl’s progress closely. By the weekend, if Beryl gains control of the Gulf of Mexico, it may have an impact on the Gulf Coast. Strong wind fall and heavy showers might pose a hazard to the region. A part of the Texas coastline is under hurricane watch as Tropical Storm Beryl moves toward the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane Beryl- Damage and impact

As a Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday, Beryl made landfall in Jamaica and caused extensive damage and disruptions. It then moved across the Cayman Islands and approached the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Beryl made landfall earlier this week, damaging or completely destroying 90% of the homes and structures on three tiny islands, according to officials during a press briefing hosted by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency. Up to July 10, Jamaica has been designated a disaster area by PM of the country. 

Beryl is likely to hit the Texas coast on Monday

Officials advise citizens to prepare as Beryl is predicted to make landfall in Texas as a Category 1 or 2 storm. The exact location of the strongest wind and rainfall along the Texas coast is still unknown as the record-breaking hurricane moved into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula on Friday. Especially for those traveling during the July 4 holiday weekend, state officials advised Texans throughout the whole Gulf coast to be vigilant and ready for a potentially severe hurricane as Beryl wreaked havoc across Caribbean islands.

As per the alert, if you live in this region then you must fill up your vehicles with fuel and make sure you have enough food and water for you. To assist residents in getting ready for possible floods, officials in Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley have started distributing thousands of sandbags. Due to the near-record lows that the two main Rio Grande reservoirs reached in June, South Texans have been hoping for rain.

Latest update on Hurricane Beryl

Officials are still closely observing Hurricane Beryl’s path and intensity. Residents of Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast are advised to stay alert and prepared for any consequences as the storm moves inland and has the potential to worsen over the Gulf of Mexico. The NHC and the MWS will share real time updates on Beryl’s movement and expected effects on the region.

As Beryl approaches landfall on Sunday, there can be a effect on the coast of southern Texas. As the storm approaches landfall on Monday morning, it is anticipated to reach close to hurricane intensity. By Friday night, it’s a tropical storm. Overnight, Beryl’s location drifted northward, perhaps moving her course farther east. This implies that our region’s rainfall will vary significantly. Farther west and maybe even here in San Antonio, totals are substantially lower, while higher totals benefit those further east.

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