SSDI Increase 2024: Know About Expected Increase & Changes in SSDI Payments

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a program funded and administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is provided the people with disability who meet certain eligibility criteria. It is provided to people with disability who are not able to work for income and may face different medical conditions which include at least one year or result in death.

A larger number of Americans may experience disability either during work or in old age which may result in making them unable to work. The government of America provides some financial assistance to such people to manage their daily life expenses. It can allow them to survive and maintain their life standard. SSDI Increase 2024 allows people with disability to receive more SSDI Payment which can be used in maintaining daily life expenses and life quality. 

SSDI Increase 2024

The US government provides financial support to people with disability to manage their daily life expenses. It is provided to eligible candidates who are unable to work due to disability. SSDI Payment helps to provide financial assistance that can help them live with quality life and manage their daily life expenses. However, an increase in inflation reduces the purchasing power of SSDI Beneficiaries.

Therefore, SSDI Increase 2024 can provide high support to people with disability to compensate for the increased amount of products due to inflation. People are highly excited to know more about the increased support of SSDI that can help them in this high inflation. This article can provide information about SSDI, its payment, eligibility criteria, the reason for increasing SSDI Amount, and many more. 

SSDI Increased Amount 2024- Overview

Article OnSSDI Increase 2024
Department Social Security Administration (SSA)
BeneficiaryPeople with disability

SSDI Eligibility 

SSDI provides financial support to disabled people who are not able to work due to disability. Therefore, people must qualify for the SSDI criteria set by SSA to receive the SSDI Monthly Payment. Every individual does not meet the eligibility criteria that are set by the SSA. These eligibility criteria are provided below.

  • You can avail of the SSDI Benefits if you are a resident of the USA. 
  • You should also have a disability for a year or more. 
  • You have paid your Social Security taxes of at least 40 credits while working. 
SSDI Increase 2024: Know About Expected Increase & Changes in SSDI Payments

COLA’s role in increased SSDI Amount

Disabled people face high challenges in managing their daily life expenses due to limited income. They are highly dependent on Social Security Benefits otherwise they may face poverty. Moreover, inflation plays another key role that reduces the beneficiary’s purchasing power. Therefore, the government needs to compensate for this increased amount by providing some increased SSDI Amount using COLA.

The introduction of COLA can help to increase the overall SSDI Monthly Payment. COLA is a cost of living adjustment that helps to increase overall financial assistance to empower beneficiary purchasing power. Every year SSA announces the Percentage which is a total increase in the SSDI Check provided to people with disability. 

SSDI Increased Amount 2024

People with disability face high challenges in managing their daily life expenses due to the increased cost of products. Inflation has a high contribution that lowers purchasing power. It causes high challenges for people to manage their daily life expenses. Therefore, the government has provided COLA to increase the overall SSDI Monthly Amount. The government has provided 3.2% COLA for the year 2024. Thus, it contributes to increasing the SSDI Monthly Amount for 2024. It allows people to receive more financial support to handle daily life expenses. 

Recipient 2023 Annual amounts 2024 Annual amounts 2024 monthly amounts
Eligible individual $10,970.44$11,321.49$943
Eligible couple$16,453.84$16,453.84$1,415

Reason for increased SSDI 2024

SSDI Beneficiary purchasing power is decreased due to different higher inflation. It makes it difficult for people to manage their daily life expenses due to the increase in product prices. It reduces the purchasing power of people who have a limited and certain income. Inflation is the main reason that increases the cost of all products and due to limited income people are not able to manage their daily life expenses.

SSDI Increased Amount is paid to people to compensate for increased inflation and to maintain purchasing power to avoid the risk of increased poverty. It can help to support people who are not able to work and have limited income or depend on Social Security Payment should be supported financially through increased SSDI Checks 2024

Expected changes in SSDI in 2024

Everything needs to be updated with time otherwise it may fail to provide its service as expected. Similarly, SSDI should also be updated that improve support for people with disability and provide better results.

People should know about the changes made in the SSDI 2024 to keep updated with information to receive the financial assistanceto manage their daily life expenses accordingly. Information about updates and changes in the 2024 SSDI Benefit is provided below. 

  • Change in COLA: Every year government makes calculations based on the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners including Clerical Workers (CPI-W) who decided to provide a raise in the SSDI Benefits. This year SSA has decided 3.2% COLA to increase the overall SSDI Amount to maintain their purchasing power. COLA, allows you to receive more than $59 per month from the start of January 2024. 
  • Change in Social Security Benefits: COLA percentage helps to increase the overall SSDI Monthly Amount and enables people with disability to receive more to manage their daily life expenses and live standard life. From the first month of 2024, SSDI Payouts raised to $3822 which was $3627 in 2023. You should note that this amount is for people who have started receiving this SSDI at retiring at 67.
  • Increase in taxable earnings: Beneficiaries need to pay taxes for the higher amount. It can be positive for you because the higher you pay the Social Security tax, the higher you will receive the SSDI Monthly Benefits. Now, you need to pay taxes on an annual income of $168,600 which was earlier only $160,200 in the year 2023.
  • Change in spouse Benefits: It is expected that a widowed mother with two children will get an increased SSDI Check up to $3653. Aged widows and widowers who are living alone can also receive up to $1773 every month. 

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  1. I have been disable since 2017. Calling from a roof 36 ft. Has given me injures that will never get better

  2. I had to go on disability last year. When I was a working woman, I liked my COLA increase every year. My 2024 COLA increase is $42/month. Well, because of this $42, my EBT went down over $100/month and my housing voucher increased my portion up $62. So that is over $162 more coming out of my pocket over a $42 increase. I guess I don’t deserve to eat and my sons and grandson don’t deserve birthday or Christmas presents. I have reached out to my local Idaho Governor, councilman, senators, representatives, and they all just pass the buck. All I want to know is how this helps me and to justify how this is happening to our elderly and disabled.

  3. I just want to know why the decrease your SNAP benefits every time you get an increase… Food prices are extremely high. I guess they want us to start eating cat and dog food. I noticed a few yrs. ago, Senior was buying it because she couldn’t afford anything else! This is so sad… Our Government Doesn’t Care!

    • I agree with you Burwell . I’m single & was getting $298.00 a month for my SNAP/EBT. I recently was approved for SSDI a couple months ago & SNAP lowered my food to
      $23.00 a month , after I was approved . What a joke ! I couldn’t believe they would lowered that much . A dam box of cereal is
      $8.00. After getting home from the grocery store I looked at the three bags sitting on my kitchen table.
      It came over $ 85.00 for three bags , hardly anything! The prices of food is outrageous! How do they expect for us to live. I can’t make it on just my SSDI .

  4. I’ve been on disability ever since I was 18 now I receive ssdi my question is do I qualify for this program? I don’t work at all


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