25 House Democrats May Ask Joe Biden to Step Down

President Joe Biden’s candidacy for reelection in 2024 has drawn criticism from several elected Democrats, one of whom suggested he might think about stepping down. These concerns were voiced on Tuesday. This is a shift from the past, when many had supported him due to his unsure performance in the debate the previous week. After a lackluster debate against Republican nominee Donald Trump, Democrats and political experts believe that Biden will ultimately decide whether to move forward with his 2024 presidential run. 

There are contributors who are pushing Biden to think about resigning, and other Democrats who publicly voice worries that he might not be able to beat Trump in November. One Democratic staffer in the House claims that 25 Democratic members of the House of Representatives are prepared to demand that Biden resign if his performance deteriorates more in the days ahead.

25 House Democrats May Ask Joe Biden to Step Down

After last week’s weak debate performance, many elected Democrats who support US President Joe Biden praised him. However, several Democrats on Tuesday highlighted new concerns about Biden’s 2024 reelection campaign, with one even asking for him to resign down. Biden’s choice to proceed with his 2024 presidential campaign following his dismal debate performance against Republican front-runner Donald Trump is mostly up to him, according to political analysts and Democrats. Yet there is pressure on Biden, 1/3 of Democrats think Biden should give up on running for reelection, according to a survey conducted following the debate.

Representative Lloyd Doggett of the United States became the first Democrat in Congress to support Joe Biden’s withdrawal from the presidential contest on Tuesday. He said he hoped other Democratic lawmakers would take the same stand as him in an interview. The accusations against Biden by certain US officials over his alleged involvement in the current Israeli slaughter in Gaza go beyond those of his direct aides. This reflects mounting criticism of US foreign policy and its effects on the ongoing Gaza war in political circles.

VP Kamala Harris could replace Biden in election race

According to news on Wednesday, if President Joe Biden decides not to run for reelection in November, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris is the front-runner. It would be practically hard to resist nominating Harris as Biden’s replacement, according to news, which cited top sources within the Democratic National Committee, the White House, and the Biden campaign.

A number of well-known Democrats, including Democratic governors and members of the cabinet including California’s Gavin Newsom, Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, and Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro, have put out bids to replace Biden in addition to Harris herself. However, these sources who wished to remain anonymous said that trying to avoid Harris is unrealistic and would be next to impossible.

The people added that Harris, 59, would inherit the campaign apparatus and all funds generated by the Biden campaign if she were selected as the party’s nominee. As per the authorities, she possesses the greatest polling among Democrats who may be seriously considered for the presidency, and she has the most name recognition among all the possibilities.

25 House Democrats May Ask Joe Biden to Step Down

Latest Update on this Matter

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) was the first House Democrat to voice concerns about the fallout from President Biden’s widely criticized debate performance, in which the president spoke in a raspy voice and occasionally seemed to lose his train of thought. Doggett was not alone, though, as he called for Biden to resign as the party’s presidential candidate on Tuesday.

The president will tape an interview with ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos on Friday, along with other events added to his schedule, the White House announced. This comes just hours after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told MSNBC that it was “essential” for Biden to give a “no-holds-barred” interview to reassure the public about his fitness.

What does the poll says?

Based on the latest CNN poll, Vice President Kamala Harris, an African American and Indian woman, is more likely than her boss Joe Biden to win the US presidential nomination. President Biden’s (81) popularity rating has fallen largely following his appalling performance in last week’s Atlanta debate versus Republican contender and predecessor, Donald Trump. 

Since the debate, there has been a growing chorus within the governing Democratic Party calling for US President Joe Biden, who is currently the oldest in office, to resign and allow a different candidate to contest the next presidential election on November 5.

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