Trump’s Golf Clubs Asked to Show Why They Deserve Liquor Licenses by New Jersey

In light of the former president Donald Trump’s criminal conviction in New York, New Jersey authorities have set a hearing on July 19 to make decisions regarding the liquor license renewals for two of his golf courses. A representative for the attorney general’s office in New Jersey stated that a statute forbids anybody convicted of a felony “involving moral turpitude” from becoming the owner of a liquor license. 

Trump became the first former US president to be convicted of a crime when he was found guilty in May on 34 charges of falsifying corporate documents in a New York court during a historic criminal trial. In order to hide a payment made to an adult film actress to prevent her from disclosing information about an alleged romance with Trump prior to the 2016 election, prosecutors claimed he had fabricated paperwork. 

NJ Tells Trump’s Golf Clubs to Show They Deserve Liquor Licenses

Following Donald Trump’s criminal convictions in New York in May, New Jersey officials did not automatically renew liquor licenses at two of his golf courses. Instead, they scheduled a hearing on July 19 to discuss the licenses’ future. The Trump Organization responded to a new investigation into the liquor licenses of three golf clubs in New Jersey that it owns, claiming the investigation was unfounded since the licenses were not held by the former president of the United States. “President Trump does not possess any liquor license in New Jersey, nor does he serve as an officer or director of any organization that does, either in New Jersey or any other state in the union.

The Trump Organization, his business, said that the licenses won’t be impacted and advised against any probe that it believed would be “political in nature.” The state Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control announced that it will not be renewing the licenses but will instead be granting them 90-day interim permits, which will let them to keep selling alcohol until a hearing on the licenses is conducted in Trenton on July 19.

NJ to hold hearing next month to decide on liquor license renewals for 2 Trump golf clubs

After the former president Donald Trump was found guilty of felonies in New York in May, authorities in New Jersey will conduct a hearing next month to determine whether or not to renew the liquor licenses for two of his golf clubs.

All of Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf courses’ liquor licenses are registered in the name of his eldest son. Now that Trump is a felon, though, it might not be sufficient to save the clubs. According to NJ officials, Trump is no longer able to profit from liquor licenses because of his past history. Records acquired by Business Insider show that Donald Trump’s three golf clubs in New Jersey are licensed to serve alcoholic beverages under the name of his eldest son rather than his own.

Trump’s Golf Clubs Asked to Show Why They Deserve Liquor Licenses by New Jersey

State representatives stated on Friday that Trump is not permitted to benefit from the licenses due to his recent criminal history. The two permits expire on Sunday, and until a hearing on July 19, the clubs are permitted to sell alcohol. Just four days after his guilty judgment on thirty-four felony charges of business deception, on June 3, the Pine Hill, New Jersey, municipality authorized the reopening of Trump’s third golf club, Trump National Philadelphia, which is 45 minutes outside of the city.

By some coincidental coincidence, that license renewal was approved at the last minute. According to an attorney general’s office representative, no authority in New Jersey could bar Trump from possessing a liquor license until after his sentence, which is scheduled for July 11. The hush-money case will see Trump sentenced in New York on July 11; the hearing on July 19 will take place after that. 

Now what?

According to state liquor law, a license may be revoked if the license’s owner or any person who gains financially from it is found guilty of a felony involving “moral turpitude.” As per experts, considering Trump’s recent criminal record and his underlying financial stake in the clubs, the licenses for his recent Jersey clubs were vulnerable under both circumstances. According to his own sworn evidence, Trump is the only one who benefits financially from the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust, which is the parent company of the Trump Organization and owns all three LLCs that are licensed to operate the clubs.

The Trump Organization said that since the licenses are in the names of business companies of which he is not an officer nor a director, the investigation does not pertain to him when the state initially announced earlier this month that it was considering whether to take action against the licenses.

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