TCA Florida Payment July 2024: When Will Florida Residents Get their Cash Benefits this Month?

If a family meets the technical, income, and asset requirements, they can get financial assistance through the TCA program for children under the age of 18 or under the age of 19 if they are enrolled full-time in secondary education (high school). Children are allowed to stay in their own homes while the program assists families in becoming self-sufficient.

If a pregnant woman is unable to work during the 3rd trimester or in the 9th month of her pregnancy, she may also be eligible for temporary cash assistance. Families who meet the TCA Florida Eligibility Requirements 2024 can get this payment in July. Here i am updating you on TCA Florida Payment July 2024 Amount.

TCA Florida Payment July 2024

Cash aid is given to low-income households through the Temporary Cash aid (TCA) program. An Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card with monthly benefits added is provided to participating families. The Florida Department of Children and Families oversees the program, which receives federal funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

As long as they are enrolled full-time in high school and their families fulfill the necessary asset, income, and technical requirements, 19-year-olds are also able to apply for the program. TCA can be very beneficial for expectant mothers as long as they are in the 9th month of their pregnancy and are unable to work throughout the third trimester of their pregnancy. You should check TCA Florida Payment July 2024 Payment Date via this page.

TCA Florida Eligibility Requirements

To fulfill the TCA Florida Eligibility Requirements 2024, a person must meet all requirements. Several qualifying requirements include:

  • The maximum amount of cash support for an adult is 48 months over their lifetime (with the exception of child-only instances, which are time-limited).
  • Few people are compelled to participate in work-related activities, with rare exceptions. RWB provide the work activities and services needed to obtain or keep a job.
  • While countable income cannot exceed the family size payment criteria, gross income must not exceed 185% of the federal poverty threshold. From their GEI, people receive a USD 90 deduction.
  • One must be a citizen of the United States or a qualified non-citizen.
  •  You should be a Florida resident.
  •  An SSN or documentation that they have applied for one must be shown by the individual.
  • The amount of a family’s countable assets cannot exceed $2,000. For those who are subject to the labor requirement, the total value of the licensed cars they need cannot exceed $8,500.
  • A parent or other adult blood relative must be the child’s primary caregiver in the house where the child resides.
  • In order to show a child’s legal tie to their parent, find the parent(s) who do not reside in the child’s home, and convince the court to impose child support payments, the parent or the child’s caregiver relative must assist child support enforcement.
  • Immunizations against childhood diseases must be current for children under the age of five.
  • Both parents/caretakers and children between the ages of 6 and 18 have to attend school-related sessions.
TCA Florida Payment July 2024: When Will Florida Residents Get their Cash Benefits this Month?

TCA Florida Payment July 2024 Payment Date

  • Case number: 00-03. Date: 1st of July
  • Case number: 04-06. Date: 2nd of July
  • Case number: 07-10. Date: 3rd of July
  • Case number: 11-13. Date: 4th of July
  • Case number: 14-17. Date: 5th of July
  • Case number: 18-20. Date: 6th of July
  • Case number: 21-24. Date: 7th of July
  • Case number: 25-27. Date: 8th of July
  • Case number: 28-31. Date: 9th of July
  • Case number: 32-34. Date: 10th of July
  • Case number: 35-38. Date: 11th of July
  • Case number: 39-41. Date: 12th of July
  • Case number: 42-45. Date: 13th of July
  • Case number: 46-48. Date: 14th of July
  • Case number: 49-53. Date: 15th of July
  • Case number: 54-57. Date: 16th of July
  • Case number: 58-60. Date: 17th of July
  • Case number: 61-64. Date: 18th of July
  • Case number: 65-67. Date: 19th of July
  • Case number: 68-71. Date: 20th of July
  • Case number: 72-74. Date: 21st of July
  • Case number: 75-78. Date: 22nd of July
  • Case number: 79-81. Date: 23rd of July
  • Case number: 82-85. Date: 24th of July
  • Case number: 86-88. Date: 25th of July
  • Case number: 89-92. Date: 26th of July
  • Case number: 93-95. Date: 27th of July
  • Case number: 96-99. Date: 28th of July

Optional State Supplementation

The Optional State Supplementation (OSS) Program pays monthly cash benefits to seniors or disabled people who are impoverished and reside in special non-institutional residential living facilities, such as adult family care homes, assisted living facilities, and residential treatment facilities for mental health issues.

Individuals who need help in daily life tasks because of physical or mental health issues are eligible for Optional State Supplementation. In order to pay the facility a provider rate set by the Department, the program gives the participant a monthly payment that supplements their income.

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