Meta AI on WhatsApp: How Can You Access Gen AI and All You Need to Know

In India, the big social networking company Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, has introduced Meta AI, a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence. Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Messenger now provide the Meta AI chatbot. The alternative to ChatGPT, according to the business, is developed using Meta Llama 3, the most sophisticated LLM the company has ever produced. With Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, you can now use Meta AI by just searching for anything. To ask meta AI for advice, details, or suggestions, users must enter “@” meta AI in a group chat message.

META AI is a powerful AI assistant developed to improve your messaging experience. META AI is ready for talk on any topic, delivering real-time support, assisting with everyday chores, and providing tailored aid directly within WhatsApp chats. This feature puts intelligent, context-aware interactions at your fingertips by utilizing the most recent developments in artificial intelligence. META AI is available to help, whether you need assistance with your schoolwork, want to be informed about current events, or just want to have a quick conversation.

Meta AI on WhatsApp

The AI assistant “Meta AI” is now accessible in India via the webpage, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. From requesting hotel suggestions from Meta AI in a WhatsApp group conversation to. It is reportedly possible to utilize the AI chatbot on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and other apps. Meta AI was purportedly introduced around two months prior.

Previously, Meta Ai was limited to nations like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. In an official blog post, stated that Meta AI, which is based on Meta Llama 3, our most sophisticated model to date, is an intelligent assistant that can follow directions, visualize concepts, and solve complicated issues. By offering suggestions and instructions straight within the search interface, this new functionality enables users to interact with Meta AI more effectively.

Meta AI Launched in India

Finally, Meta has released the Meta AI assistant, an AI chatbot, in India. This intelligent assistant is available to users in a number of apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and When Meta AI was first introduced, it was accessible in nations including Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. That was over two months ago. Users may utilize Meta AI in feeds, chats, and other areas of the applications without ever leaving them to do tasks, create content, and explore deeply into various topics. To use Meta AI to accomplish certain activities on a PC, go to Meta AI may assist humans with many jobs such as composing formal emails, resolving mathematical issues, producing graphics, locating recipes, and more.

WhatsApp started doing limited Meta AI testing on its platform in a number of nations earlier this year. Using an alternate entry point in the top app bar for consumers in India, this first phase sought to investigate how people engage with AI when incorporated into the search bar. The intention was to improve user-Meta AI interaction while maintaining the privacy of these exchanges. WhatsApp started launching the AI feature in new nations as the number of people utilizing Meta AI increased. 

Meta AI on WhatsApp: How Can You Access Gen AI and All You Need to Know

What is Meta AI and its working

The newest and most powerful large language model (LLM) from Meta, LLaMA 3, powers Meta AI, also referred to as Meta artificial intelligence. Online chatbots can be powered by LLaMA, an AI technique that Meta introduced. Meta AI is integrated into Meta’s chat technology, making it blend into your regular digital interactions. Meta AI uses machine learning algorithms to continually learn from and adapt to human behavior, in contrast to standard AI systems that rely on pre-programmed replies. This allows for more customized and contextually relevant interactions.

How to Use this Feature?

Similar to how messages are sent to WhatsApp, one may communicate with the Meta AI through messaging. Meta AI can provide a range of answers using an intelligent knowledge base. One may receive personalized suggestions based on their preferences and areas of interest, which might include things like movies to watch, books to read, and local restaurants to try. One can talk about interests, current events, and other topics. The process to obtain the result is the same as with any other conversational AI model: just type the message into the chat box and click submit.

How can i Chat via Meta AI On WhatsApp

Users may browse through private conversations or pose queries to Meta AI using the WhatsApp search box. In response to commands that users provide to the artificial intelligence (AI), Meta AI generates messages utilizing technology from Meta. When users log in for the first time, Meta AI displays chat results along with queries that users might pose to Meta AI. Users’ devices still contain conversation content. Users may search conversations for messages, images, videos, links, GIFs, music, polls, and documents using the search bar on WhatsApp just as they always do.

How can i Use Meta AI in Group Chat?

  • Enter “@” in the message after moving to the chat group and then select the option “Meta AI.”
  • Send the message after entering the required prompt or query.
  • A response will be produced and made available to the group members as well.
  • Notably, messages including “@Meta AI” are the only ones that Meta AI can read and respond to.

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