Copa América 2024 Power Rankings: Know Who’s on top as Quarterfinals Begin

Copa America 2024 quarterfinals are all set. The final eight teams are selected for the quarterfinals whose names include Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Canada, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. The quarterfinals will be knocked out. The winner will go to the semi-finals and the losing player will be out of this league. This Knockout Stage will start on Thursday, July 4, 2024. Each team will have 3 matches for the Copa America Final. It will be played on July 14 at Hard Stadium in Miami Gardens.

Pans are highly excited to water these matches. Moreover, they are also happy to know about the ranking which is a major concern, and fills them with excitement that their team is at a better rank. People are eager to learn the Copa America 2024 power rankings that can satisfy them by seeing their favourite player on the higher ranking that will begin on Thursday. 

Copa América 2024 power rankings

Copa America is played once in four years. It is organized by CONCACAF. 2024 Copa America is the 48th ongoing edition of the Copa America. The knockout stage will begin Thursday when Ecuador will face Argentina and on Friday Canada meets Venezuela and on Saturday Uruguay meets Brazil and Panama plays with Colombia. These 8 team members will play in the quarterfinals and will play according to schedule. A larger population likes to watch this game and want to stay updated.

Therefore, they like to know about the Copa America 2024 power ranking that can help them understand the team’s strengths. It can also enable fans to understand the strongest team and help them to present their love towards their favorite team and support them through watching games. To gather more information related to your favorite game and its power ranking, keep reading this article. 

Copa America 2024 Quarterfinalists

Eight teams have been selected to play in the quarterfinal knockout game. It will include different teams from different groups. Copa America Quarterfinalists 2024 from group A, teams playing quarter-final will be Argentina and Canada. From group B, the selected teams for Copa America 2024 are Venezuela and Ecuador. Group C quarterfinalist’s teams are Uruguay and Panama and the teams from Group D are Brazil and Colombia. However, each team has played well to qualify for the quarterfinal. However, some teams have performed very well and some have just managed to qualify for the quarterfinals. 

Copa América 2024 Power Rankings: Know Who's on top as Quarterfinals Begin

Why Copa America’s power ranking is required?

People are highly excited to know which team has played well and how. They are also excited to know about the Copa America Power Ranking 2024 which can make them full of enthusiasm and let them enjoy the strength of their favorite team. Power ranking Copa America 2024 helps people to know the best-performing team based on their game play.

Copa America Ranking also helps to predict the victory margin for each team. It also helps to predict the winning possibility for games. It also helps fans to debate with each other based on ranking. This Copa America Power Ranking also creates high excitement among fans and also promotes Copa America among a large population. 

Power ranking: 2024 Copa America- Overview

RankTeam NameGroup

Rank 1# Uruguay

Uruguay has qualified for the Quarter-final and gained first place in Group C. Uruguay has won Panama with 3-1 and won Bolivia with 5-0. It has also won got victory against the United States with 1-0. However, its next opponent is Brazil. This match will be played on Sunday, July 7 at 6:30 am. It is expected that has winning probability for Uruguay is less than Brazil. Uruguay has reached number 1 at the Power Ranking Copa America 2024. They have scored nine goals in the tournament. Moreover, Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez has been highly active in the attack. He has made two goals and the centre-back pair of Mathias Olivera and Ronald Araujo has provided high defence. 

Rank 2# Argentina

They have also made their path for the quarterfinal at got first place in Group A. They made win with 2-0 against Canada and 1-0 against Chile. They have also won against Peru with the goal of 2-0. This is the reigning World Cup champion and has keen eyes on clean-sheet wins. Lautaro Martinez has led the scoring for four goals from the five goals made by the country. Lionel Messi fans are highly disappointed with his performance. There is no goal made by Messi and seems hard to make yet at Copa 2024.

Rank 3# Colombia

Colombia has made third rank in the power ranking for Copa America 2024 Ranking with achieving first place in Group D. The Result shows that they made their win by 2-1 against Paraguay and drew 1-1 against Brazil. They have also presented a high performance against Costa Rica with 3-0 goals. Wingback Daniel has played as the best player for the team till now. 

Rank 4# Venezuela

They have entered well for the quarterfinals in the Copa 2024 gaining first place in Group B. They won by 2-1 against Ecuador and 1-0 against Mexico. They also won against Jamaica with 3-0. Their next opponent is Canada. 

Rank 5# Brazil

They qualified for the Quarterfinals of Copa America 2024 by getting second place in Group D. They have won with 4-1 against Paraguay. They have made a draw against Costa Rica with 0-0 and Colombia with 1-1. They did not play well but have managed to qualify for the quarterfinals. 

Rank 6# Canada

They make their place in the quarterfinals by achieving second place in Group A. They won against Peru 1-0 and drew against Chile 0-0. This team lost the match against Argentina with 2-0. However, the Quarterfinal Match of Copa America 2024 will be against Venezuela on Saturday, July 6, at 6:30 am. 

Rank 7# Ecuador

They are not part of the Copa America 2024 Quarterfinals and achieved second place in Group C. They made their place fighting against the United States with 2-1. They also win against Bolivia with 3-1 but lose against Uruguay with 3-1. Their quarterfinal match will be against Colombia on Sunday, July 7 at 3:30 am. 

Rank 8# Panama

They made their journey to the 2024 Copa America quarterfinal achieving second place in Group B. They made their place with a win against Jamaica 3-1 and a draw against Mexico with 0-0. They lost the match 2-1 against Venezuela. However, their quarterfinal match against Argentina is on Thursday, July 5, at 6:30 am.

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